Cookies, Snacks & Dips

Cookies, snack and dip lines that we represent in Georgia.


A Couple Of Squares

A Couple of Squares Inc. is a Canadian-owned and operated 8,500 square foot bakery. We specialize in both gourmet and hand-iced cookies that make delicious gifts (and delicious snacks!) all year round. Our great staff keep the art of good baking alive in our great tasting cookies.

Aunt Gussie’s Cookies & Crackers

We take great care to bring you delicious, all natural snacks that anyone can enjoy, no matter what your dietary requirements might be. Gluten free diet? Wheat Allergies? Sugar Free? Or just looking for a classic, wholesome treat? Aunt Gussie has something delicious baking in the oven for you! All Natural & No Preservatives.

Borgo de Medici

Borgo de Medici

Borgo de’ Medici, an Italian Speciality food company based in Florence Tuscany (Italy). The company was established in 1999 and have been exporting in USA for 12 years. Our company is family owned, produces directly more than 120 specialities, is FDA registered, FCE registered, USDA organic certified.

The Crispery

From your first bite of the crispy treat, now called the CRISPYCAKES™, you are transported back to the best part of childhood. The gooey sweetness of the marshmallow and the delectable crunch is handmade to perfection. One bite and you have entered the Crispery Zone of always soft, never hard and sticky.



Imported Panettone and Pandoro, Amaretti in boxes, bags and tins, and a variety of biscuits and cookies.

Decorated Cookie Company

Decorated Cookie Company/Corso produces delicious hand-decorated shortbread cookies made from a signature family recipes. Our cookies are primarily sold in upscale retail store, e-tailers and gourmet/grocery outlets.

First Source –
formerly Wythe Will Tzetzo

Wythe Will Tzetzo has grown from our beginnings in 1961 as a retail candy and confection store in Williamsburg, Virginia to our current focus on bringing the finest in Specialty Food and Fine Confections to retail customers. We believe the secret to our success is the excellent service we provide to the best specialty food retailers in the United States.

House of Webster

House of Webster

Since 1934 the House of Webster has been an expert in creating quality food products that embrace the senses with explosions of flavor! We have a wide variety of retail and wholesale products, including gift packages designed to impress.

Ladrea Maries

Ladrea Marie’s

Ladrea Marie’s cookies are deliciously fun, exciting, and have a well-balanced taste. They are loved by both people who like spirits and those that do not. They are not only delicious, but also capture an untouched audience of cookie loving spirit flavor enjoying adults.

Off The Farm

Off The Farm Foods

100% Natural Premium Energy Bars. Contains Omega 3’s, Antioxidants and fiber. No preservatives. Our flavors include Blueberry Vanilla Almond, Strawberry Coconut Cashew and Apple Cinnamon Pecan.


Oogie’s Snacks

Using the finest all-natural ingredients, and popping in 100% percent corn oil ensures we create a delicious treat that has no cholesterol, no trans-fat, and is entirely gluten-free. Did we mention we kettle pop in small batches, the old fashioned way, to ensure your popcorn experience will be Oogieriffic. Too corny? That’s ok, our flavor makes up for it.

Salem Baking

Salem Baking Co.

Salem Baking uses the finest all-natural ingredients to bake sweet and savory treats such as Moravian Cookies, Cheese Straws, Flatbread and more.

Sunflower Foods

Sunflower Food Company

Using bright, familiar and easily recognizable sunflower as inspiration, we have created many outstanding products: Midwest grown Farmer’s Popcorn Cob, chocolate covered candy coated sunflower seeds we call Sunny Seeds®. Sunflower everything.

Wildly Delicious

Wildly Delicious

Our single goal is to create food products that will contribute to the fond memories you make. Whether you are cooking with your family, sitting down with friends over a cheese board and a glass of wine or putting food out for a celebration, we want to be a part of your Wildly Delicious life.